Who s dating who frank sinatra

Casino owner Steve Wynn once asked Sinatra who was the best he ever had.

Dean Martin was there, too, and, Anka writes in He inadvertently named the cartoon about a mush-mouthed, mystery-solving dog after CBS executive Fred Silverman heard "Strangers in the Night" ( "dooby, dooby doo...” ) on an airplane.8.

Mia's father John introduced his daughter to Frank Sinatra at the age of eleven.

If he saw a particularly attractive woman with a date, he'd send a friend to pry the girl away.

The premature ejaculation that had often bothered him never was a problem with Mia Farrow.

Faking an orgasm was soon as easy as opening her eyes. Next Christmas, her present, wrapped neatly, was a gold cigarette case she kept joints in.

John Farrow was sleeping with Frank's first wife, Ava Gardner.

The affair had separated her dad from her mother, the actress Maureen O'Sullivan.

Here are 25 wild Frank Sinatra facts that you really ought to know. After he became famous, Sinatra was said to have "called his friends in the mob" to stop the blue movie from ever surfacing. He was arrested for sleeping with a married woman In 1938, Sinatra was busted by the Bergen County, New Jersey sheriff and charged with carrying on with a married woman, which was actually a crime back then.

When Frank spotted her watching him on set, he sent someone over to ask how old Mia was. When Mia approached him, she dropped her purse, and everything came spilling out, including her retainer. A Chicago reporter once asked Ava Gardner what she saw in Sinatra, calling him "a 119 pound has-been." She told him, "Well, I'll tell you .

It was a terrible picture, but Frank's move was to hold her hand. When she tried to beg off, he sent a plane for her. They slept together that second night, Mia's first time and Frank's one millionth.

"Although, my mom actually dated Frank Sinatra," he acknowledged. she wrote this book all about the guys she hooked up with." Vanderbilt was born the only child of railroad heir Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt in 1924, and married her first husband, Pat Di Cicco, in 1941.

The couple divorced in 1945, and the heiress went on to marry Leopold Stokowski, Sidney Lumet and Cooper.

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