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Certain plant products contain so-called sex hormones phytoestrogens, which may influence humans sex lives. According to a study by dating site OKCupid, 9:1 male vegetarians enjoy giving oral sex, compared to a 7:1 non-vegetarian males, which is measly by comparison. #2 They are healthier Vegetarians are less likely to develop health problems such as heart disease, cancer risk and cognitive decline, according to recent studies.

The Vegetarian Times says that meat-free diet is inherently more healthy than an omnivore diet: "Vegetarians consume less animal fat and cholesterol (vegans consume no animal fat or cholesterol) and instead consume more fibre and more antioxidant-rich produce—." #3 Vegetarians are happier than their meat-chomping counterparts Eating more fruit and veg can improve moods according to a study by British Journal of Health Psychology.

Despite recent findings that 30% of omnivores wouldn't date a vegetarian (talk about a kick in the face), it turns out there are plenty of reasons to date a herbivore.

Besides the fact that some non-meat eaters are pretty damn sexy (see slideshow below for a visual cue), you'll be pleased to know that hooking up with a veggie doesn't mean you're doomed to a life of tofu and quinoa.

There are some pretty compelling benefits, not least a better sex life, better moods and health. #1 Vegetarians are great in the sack Need we go on?

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But there’s a little-known sector that’s secretly thriving – dating sites for people with STDs.

You want to believe most women can't get enough of it -- wrong! Read on & I'll explain why: Most females can't handle your talented tongue for hours-at-a-time -- they want to move on to penetration & other aspects of a great sexual experience.

If you answer a personal ad promising "hours & hours" of oral activity (your tongue in her) you may cut yourself off from the majority of ladies who might otherwise respond to you. My company (BTR Video) produces Pro/Am adult videos, which we market through our Website The ladies we work with agree with everything I'm sharing here.

It is not possible to pass oral HSV-1 to a partner who already has oral HSV-1.

If a one partner has oral HSV-2 ( of oral herpes) and if one partner has oral HSV-1 both strains of herpes could spread by kissing.

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