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They may be purchased from reliable essential oil suppliers.

We buy from several sources ourselves, depending on availability.

OR check out our Gaia’s Pharmacopeia Shoppe where you may purchase custom blends for endocrine support and healthy thyroid function: · Achilles Heal™ A synergistic blend of , including Clove & Helichrysum.

This blend may be used to relieve age-related HYPERPLASIA (prostate inflammation) supporting prostate health with regular morning & evening use.

Push Notifications (across Nokia, Black Berry, Android, and i OS).

Every month, millions of consumers worldwide use air G products to be informed, entertained, and connected to their closest friends and families.Initial product features included: Group chat (enabling the creation of group conversations with up to 10 people).Stickers (sending proprietary images and stickers as part of the conversation window).This may seem to be a hassle and an extra expense, but it’s the best way to check the results of your self-help health therapies.GERANIUM, CARROT, CYPRESS, & MYRRH consider these pure (undiluted) therapeutic essential oils to support healthy thyroid function naturally.

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