Duncan james dating Free bi webcam chat room

Oh how we laughed and laughed and I will miss that the most.

No one made me smile the way you did and Im going to be lost without hearing your voice 😥Rest in peace my shmoo.

While Blue have had a career resurgence thanks to their last minute participation in the hit ITV2 reality series The Big Reunion, Duncan is completely confident and prepared to talk much more openly about his sexuality, even though he knows some of his views might be controversial among his long-time fans.

Case in point was his revelation that any future girlfriend (he doesn’t rule out the possibility, even though he has now described himself as being more gay than bisexual these days) would have to be open to sharing his bed…with another man.

“She sadly battled many demons and now she will be truly at rest without being frightened or scared.” James also addressed the speculation that they had dated in the past and said Palmer-Tomkinson once joked that they had tied the knot.

“However, I know deep down Tara would have loved nothing more than to meet someone, settle down and be happy.” Palmer-Tomkinson was found in her London flat by her cleaner.

Ryan’s had his fair share of destructive relationships, so Amy, Leah and Lucas offer a slice of normality.

After a hard day’s work chasing villains, Ryan swaps his smart suit for a pair of trackies before snuggling on the sofa with his fiancée, Amy Barnes.

Duncan tells me candidly: I guess I might meet a girl and want to have a child with her.

But if I did have a connection with a girl again, I would ask them: “Can we bring a guy in as well?

He’ll rescue your cat from a tree, help your grandma cross the road, and stop an armed robbery with not a hair out of place!

Following in the footsteps of his infamous uncle Ds Thorpe, Ryan always knew he wanted to be a police officer.

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